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Tindevegen is the mountain road between Årdal and Turtagrø (32 km). A tourist road that takes you from Sognefjorden to Jotunheimen. The road is also called “the shortcut through Jotunheimen” and suitable for cars, RV and smaller busses (max 10m). The road is open from may to november - see status messages.

A tourist road from Sognefjorden to Jotunheimen

Status messages

04.09 - 06.10: Reduced opening.
Closed for crossings Mon-Thurs 08-19 and Friday 08-15

Gjennomkjøring 12:15-12:45
Vegarbeid frå Lovadalen til Ringsdalstippen
Lørdag og søndag open!

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See live pictures from the toll station, the road towards Årdal, Lovardalen, to the south, Austabotntind or the road towards Turtagrø

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